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Voice Therapy & Vocal Technique

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My main focus is the treatment of voice and resonance disorders

My service includes but is not limited to

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Voice and Resonance disorders

  • Voice therapy for vocal fold nodules, vocal fold paralysis, muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), spasmodic dysphonia and more.

  • Vocal technique for teachers, actors, singers, etc.

  • Gender affirming voice care

  • Online Speech Therapy for people living in the territories, including Northwest Territories and Nunavut

How can I help ​?

  • Relieving hoarseness or roughness caused by injuries or tension in the vocal folds

  • Avoiding vocal effort when speaking

  • Reducing vocal fatigue and pain when speaking

  • Improving singing voice and expanding the vocal range

  • And many more ...

Common voice pathologies:

  • Nodules

  • Polyps

  • Muscle tension dysphonia (DMT)

  • Vocal fold paralysis (unilateral or bilateral)

  • Hypophonia (commonly seen in Parkinson's disease)

  • Voice fatigue

  • Hypernasality or Hyponasality

  • And more ...

What does my program look like:

  • Vocal assessment: using specific software and measurements tools to discover the what is causing the voice or resonance disorder. Also includes the discussion regarding prognosis and the clients' own expectations.

  • Voice program: includes vocal hygiene strategies and direct exercises that improve the balance between breathing, voice and resonance. 


  • Acoustic voice analysis: non-invasive and quick assessment of the voice and its qualities to determine the degree of functional loss. Learn more here

  • Electroglottography: non-invasive assessment that registers small changes in the vocal folds' activity. Learn more here

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